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Great stuff Peter!

My original comment referred to the rarity of seeing people in “enthusiast” pictures of trams in operation. But the STQs and record shots are important among enthusiasts and hopefully a representative selection of them will be preserved for the benefit and education of future generations.

Paul (in Melbourne)

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Thanks Mal, you say the nicest things!! And Paul what do you mean "No people of course?". Oh of course those bipeds are not people they're stragglers, worse quite possibly Collingwood barrackers having trouble coming to terms with defeat and reality and having to be consoled by an M&MTB inspector, a man of the M&MTB, a title beloved of your good self. Attached "Men of the M&MTB", possibly even "Men of the P&MTT". Malvern Depot I think, in front of the Revenue.

Regards to all,

Peter Bruce.

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Excellent contemporary photos from Mal and the historic view from Peter. These are the sort of "shots" that would interest official archives, etc., "for the benefit and education of future generations". (Hal may recognize some of the foregoing words). Pictures of trams at work. No people of course.

I appreciate such things seem to be of little interest within the tram enthusiast community but let's hope someone has the foresight to create and maintain a specific repository of standard three quarter and/or "record" shots of trams. Such views have little general appeal but can be invaluable to enthusiasts.

With so many of us in "the hobby" in our senior years, it is time to think of such things if not done so previously. Bequeathing tram photos is the first step. We also need to consider leaving some funds behind for the maintenance and upkeep of our bequeathed "treasure".

So much has been "lost". It's so easy for those left behind to dispose of what they may consider to be "junk" when in fact it's "treasure".

Paul in Melbourne (who looks forward to seeing more work from Melbourne's elder statesmen (statespersons?) of "the hobby").