RE: Trams and people.
  Bob Pearce

Hi all,
I don’t know who the driver/motorman of the tram is, I’m sorry.
I was thinking that the lady in the scarf holding the rolls of whatever (paper?) looked like Marty Feldman’s mother.
It is a pose similar to one I’ve seen when MF was in some film or other when he was dressed as a woman to make good an escape or some such.
Bob in Perth

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Paul Nicholson or Mick Duncan do either of you recognise this Camberwell driver? Looks like Gordon Skipworth, the Inspector/Braid has just given him the tip and he is easing away, the cop opposite is holding back the foot traffic. Wellington Parade at Clarendon St. Grand Final day 1970. I think it is run 25 [V25] probably a service car not a footy special.

Regards all,

Peter Bruce