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  Richard Youl

I sent the great photos by Yuri Sos to some overseas tram fans and US veteran world traveller Jack May, who has visited Melbourne a few times, sent the two photos below in response.



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>  Good work. Here's two of mine from 2017. The skies opened a few minutes after the second view (016).


> Jack


> On 12/2/2020 4:59 PM, Richard Youl wrote:

>> Helsinki, Finland added a low floor to ten of their Valmet NRI trams (built 1970s) in ~2005 and all 42 of their Valmet NRII trams (built in mid 1980s so same vintage as B class) at about the same time, so it can be done. However, given the Bs are 15 years further along in age now, I guess that ship has sailed (or that tram has departed).

>>> Lurching TAN, here's a few photos of the Helsinki trams.


>>> Un-modified Valmet NRI 41 outbound on a route #1 service approaches Sammonkatu stop (disembark here for the remarkable Temppeliaukion Church):

>>> https://gallery.steam4me.net/albums/trams/international/2017-eu/fi_helsinki_41_rock_church_n7k2_18178.jpg

>>> (2000x1250 pxl; 1.45MB)


>>> Same class (Valmet NR1) 114 with low floor insert pauses at Ylioppilastalo (Stockmann's department store and CBD):

>>> https://gallery.steam4me.net/albums/trams/international/2017-eu/fi_helsinki_114_cbd_n7k2_18068.jpg

>>> (2000x1250 pxl; 1.80MB)


>>> Outbound turning into the tram stop at Tove Janssonin park Valmet VRII #78 presents a fine appearance of gorgeous green and yellow (be still my beating heart!) - a livery unchanged since 1904. As an aside, I was talking to a guide at the Tram Museum and he told me many years ago they painted one tram or bus orange as an experiment thinking it would be safer. The city folk hated it, to the point of boycotting the vehicle and refusing to ride on it. The City decided to stick with green and yellow. Sensible City.

>>> https://gallery.steam4me.net/albums/trams/international/2017-eu/fi_helsinki_78_rte_4_n7k2_17697.jpg

>>> (2000x1250 pxl; 1.36MB)


>>> Profile view of low floor section of VRII #109 at Töölö depot:

>>> https://gallery.steam4me.net/albums/trams/international/2017-eu/fi_helsinki_109_side_n7k2_17923.jpg

>>> (2000x1250 pxl; 1.19MB)


>>> Interior view of low floor section:

>>> https://gallery.steam4me.net/albums/trams/international/2017-eu/fi_helsinki_inte_lo_floor_n7k2_18152.jpg

>>> (2000x1250 pxl; 1.18MB)


>>> Low-floor section is well used by prambulators and suitcase-wielding tourists:

>>> https://gallery.steam4me.net/albums/trams/international/2017-eu/fi_helsinki_interior_mlnvr_n7k2_17907.jpg

>>> (2000x1250 pxl; 1.45MB)


>>> Yuri.


>>> PS1. Loved Helsinki even though it was freezing cold and wet the whole time we were there. Can't wait to go back when travel is allowed.

>>> PS2. Those of you looking at my photos will notice the quality difference between these taken in 2017 with Nikon camera and lens and my more recent photos over the past 12 months using a new Sony mirrorless. I'm quite surprised at the quality jump.


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