Fwd: December issue of Bellcord now available
  Mal Rowe

The Melbourne Tram Museum's Bellcord magazine is designed for members, but available to all.

It's always a good read (although my opinion may be a bit biassed as an occasional contributor).

Mal Rowe - admiring the mag

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December issue of Bellcord now available Journal of the Melbourne Tram Museum
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Trams line up in Railway Avenue, Caulfield awaiting the conclusion of a race meeting (1969). [Photograph courtesy Mal Rowe]

December 2020 issue of Bellcord now available

/In this issue:/

Upfield Light Rail: a flawed proposal

In 1988 the Metropolitan Transit Authority proposed a light rail line, to replace the deteriorating Melbourne to Upfield train line. Find out more about the project and discover why it was eventually abandoned.

The lost loops of the PMTT

The Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust (PMTT) was Melbourne’s pre-eminent tramway trust. Mal Rowe outlines the PMTT’s terminus loops, and explains why these loops, commonly used in Sydney tramways, were less common in Melbourne.

The role of Depot Starter

The Depot Starter is responsible for managing the allocation of trams to shifts, as well as monitoring the sign-on and sign-off of platform staff – drivers and, going back a few years, conductors. Kevin Stanes describes his daily tasks as a Depot Starter at Malvern Depot.

Brunswick West Substation: tramway heritage

Earlier this year, the Brunswick West Substation on the Coburg line was added to the Victorian Heritage Register. Learn about the function of tramway substations and the significance of the Brunswick West Substation.

/Plus latest museum news./

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