Ron # 48
  David Featherstone

Sunday 23 March 1975 was the L Class reunion at Sth Mel Depot since their
dispersal from Glenhuntly in 1969..
Ron was the diving force of this day happening, with wonderful support from
Head Office, the crews of the cars, the staff at Sth Melbourne Depot etc.
101 and 102 came from Brunswick, 103 from Essendon - running out of power
in William St - they turned the power off on Sundays, necessitating
assistance from R10. Greg King was the driver here I think. What a pain.
Anyway she got there eventually.
104 was already at South. 105 from Glenhuntly and 106 from Malvern.
Sadly I wasn't on the scene then so I missed this.
The cars are outside the depot in Kings Way.
One thing worth mentioning that this picture highlights is you will notice
on 102 the lower facia at some stage was reinstalled - upside down! As a
result the headlight is too high and the space for the number is cramped.
Only one end of this car. So she was easy to identify from a distance -
this end at least.
Thanks Ron.
David F.

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