Re: Ron #41
  Yuri Sos

On Thu, 19 Nov 2020 03:44:43 -0800 (PST), David Featherstone wrote:

>Then further up in the distance you can see a crane - this is the construction of the

>Melbourne Hilton on the site of the demolished (1968)

>Clivedon Mansions (pronounced Kleevdon) building on the corner of

>Clarendon St . This was an iconic building in East Melbourne.

>For all Norm Gallagher's faults he stopped a lot of wanton

>demolition in his day, Clivedon was too early for Norm, however.

Cliveden, actually.

The magnificent entry doors were salvaged and were repurposed as the entry to the then Hilton's expensive restaurant, "The Cliveden Room". I haven't been there since the Pullman takeover but the restaurant no longer exists there: there's an informal dining and bar overlooking Clarendon Street and the Fitzroy gardens. Destruction of the Cliveden mansions would never happen in this day and age.

> The Old Freemason's Hospital up the road in Clarendon St is now called Epworth-Clivedon.

It's actually called the Epworth-Freemasons - I had the misfortune to be a 3-month inhabitant 18 months ago.

The Epworth Cliveden is a small private hospital (day surgery mainly) located in a converted Victorian mansion on the corner of Simpson and George Streets.