Ron # 46
  David Featherstone

Good old 811. Jim Dowel at the helm. He was a life member of the TMSV as I
recall. One of the true gentleman you'd come across in your tramway travels
It was of course also wonderful to have a braid driving, you would call
into Essendon for example and he would pay his respects to the starter, at
the same time vouchsafing for the hoard of locust gunzels pouring out into
the sheds, checking which cars had masonite ceilings or whatever, recording
overhaul dates from the driver's cabin, check out the VRs, such fun. Sadly
no more. Depots are like Luft stalags now - minus the guard towers. Such
are the times we live.
811 is pictured here having passed the Royal Park railway overpass
approaching the station.
811 has her round cornered non half-drop windows, plus her old large pre
marker light facia numbers which didn't need de-sizing and replacing. They
didn't leave 911s big numbers on though.
Thanks Ron.

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