RE: Fwd: Yarra timetables

Wasn’t this tied up with the confirmation that the “special weekdays” timetable would become permanent?

In my time working for our beloved MMTB, there was a special weekdays timetable that operated over the Christmas/New Year period and maybe at other times.

Wasn’t it our also beloved Jeff Kennett (Victorian premier 1992-1999) who reduced tram services and made “special weekdays” permanent? That could explain why there was a different timetable for Fridays on “busy” routes?

I am going on memory here so may be barking up the wrong tree. I am more than happy to stand corrected and be put on the right tram.

I wonder if anyone is preparing or writing the history of trams in Melbourne AFTER the demise of our beloved MMTB (1919-1983)? So much has happened in the past 37 years! If our dear departed friend, D J (Jack) Richardson of Traction Publications might say; it’s:

(a) in preparation
(b) ready soon
(c) available shortly

Presumably, the definitive history of the MMTB (1919-1983) will forever remain “in preparation”?

Paul in Melbourne (whose very early tramway “knowledge” largely came from the outpourings of Traction Publications.