Re: Please Explain...

As I only catch the 57 from there, I don't worry about the next to go.

Sometimes in the morning, my 57 is on th e blocks just arrived and
frustratingly a 19 or 57 arrives on top. But by the third blink though,
it's gone again. Worse though are the Flinders Lane traffic lights. High
time traffic was kept out of Elizabeth St altogether or at least south of
Lonsdale St.

On Sun, 29 Nov 2020, 08:11 'Richard Youl' via TramsDownUnder, < tramsdownunder@...> wrote:

> Below is part of an email from a train driver friend.


> I can also understand the frustration of not knowing which tram to catch

> from the Elizabeth Street terminus when only going a few stops up the

> street.


> On a previous trip south, I noticed that while stops along Elizabeth

> Street have electronic departure information, there is nothing at the

> terminus and consequently no way to know which tram will depart first. Does

> anyone know the reason for this? Even a theoretical departure timetable

> would be better than nothing.



> “I have a question for you.


> For the life of me, and to my absolute frustration, I can never pick the

> next tram to depart northwards. I cannot deduce the trams arriving and in

> to which side other than I notice they never seem to bury a car. Do you

> know?“


> Regards,


> Richard


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