Re: Re: [Eurotrams] Hundred New E class Trams for Melbounre Australlia
  Matthew Geier

On 27/11/20 10:25 am, Yuri Sos wrote:

> Both classes (three classes for the pedants!) continue to have high availability. They also have opening windows, good for ventilation for covid-19 safety.


And their electronic drives will have reasonable energy efficiency, but
after 40 years, components for those electronic drives would be starting
to get some what rare.

The last A2, is 1987, that 33 years since that 'traction package' was
new. The B2s used a similar traction system but the switching
transistors were updated.

Does Siemens still offer 'after sales support' and spare parts for that
system ?. Or is Yarra using 3rd party suppliers who have reverse
engineered the failure prone parts ?