Wednesday in Melbourne
  Yuri Sos

Glorious clear weather on Wednesday and I remembered to throw (gently) the camera in the car. First off to do the market shop and the obligatory cafe latte (naturally for a Melbourne latte-sipping leftie) - not an RWNJ to be seen anywhere!

Route #1 is serviced by Z and B class. Endangered species member Z3.209 looking rather battle-scarred and neglected with paintwork blistering and peeling is seen here making its way city-bound along Montague Street Albert Park past the expensive real estate that borders St Vincent Place:
(2000x1250 pxl; 2.08MB)

A bit later in the day the "Dad_Rent_a_Car" company dropped off his car for #1 son for a country getaway. After delivering the car, I walked down the street to an intersection whose existence I'd never have even contemplated 15 years ago - Bourke and Collins. Bourke Street is at left as I look city-bound down a deserted Collins Street with E1.6005 on a route #11 and C1.3008 on a route #48 service:
(2000x1250 pxl; 1.49MB)

A masked E1.6010 maintains social distancing as it eases into the terminus past a maskless E1.6005:
(2000x1250 pxl; 1.50MB)

A short time later, E1.6005 departed the terminus as E2.6069 arrived, presenting an opportunity to compare-the-pair in their front end appearance:
(2000x1250 pxl; 1.49MB)