Re: Royal Park track renewal
  Mal Rowe

Overhead is being installed in Royal Park.

A couple of pics show a truck rolling out new trolley wire north of Elliott Ave and a couple of hi-rail cherry pickers working on span wires south of Elliott Ave.

There's a new substation in Melville Rd, just north of Victoria St and Melville Rd was closed for excavation today as the negative returns for the traction current were solidly attached to the rails.

Mal Rowe in a city where the rails are in the ground

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RoyalPark 25Nov2020  |  1181W x 704H  | 331.63 KB |  Photo details
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Hi-rail RoyalPark 25Nov2020  |  1181W x 812H  | 442.37 KB |  Photo details
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MelvilleRd 25Nov2020  |  1181W x 724H  | 247.48 KB |  Photo details