Re: Death of Shane Moore
  Roderick Smith

Adding to earlier advice.
Plans have progressed rapidly since my most-recent post.
I have two confirmations.  The funeral parlour has had five enquiries about how to reach it, but no record about who phoned, or even if that counts as a confirmation, so they are not yet in the pub count.
Enclosed is the map.

The executor is a legal firm.  The Bendigo organiser is my liaison.  I am simply a tram/train go-between, and one of two eulogists.

The parlour can now hold 60 under new rules, but we are anticipating that most will watch the live stream.  It is indoor: masks needed.
I still don't have that url: it will come with a further post.  I don't know if it will be recorded, and available online for a while.

The funeral is on Friday 27 November, at 2 pm at Mulqueen Family Funeral Directors, 15-25 Bridge Street, Bendigo (Vic.). 1800 300 445.
Then afterwards at Bridge Hotel (kitchen closed: just drinks).

I have been helped greatly by Shane's long-standing train & tram friends Doug, Roger and Norm, and by the archivist at Marcellin College.
My own collection had a lot of suitable material, and Jeff had something suitable too.

The parlour is about 2 km from the station: head along McCrae St towards the tram depot, but turn left into Chapel St beforehand.
Filling out the contact-tracing form will be done on entry.

For those coming by train (masks needed), there are two choices:
* 10.20 to arrive at 12.07 and have lunch and possibly attend a photoshoot (taxi needed)
* 11.20 to arrive at 13.14, and head straight to the parlour (walkable or taxi).

The organiser asks for an rsvp so that he can alert the hotel re numbers. For tram & train people, please email me at rnveditor at [address stripped out by groups-io hitherto]


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