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  Mal Rowe

On 24/11/2020 16:19, TP wrote:
> Finally a breakthrough. They won't be accessible though unless they have the platforms to go with them. The "another variety" of tram worries me. As long as it's not less than 30 metres. 45 metres would be good.

There's another 50 E class available under the current contract options, so my guess is that will be taken up.

The other 50 may well be more like a B in terms of capacity - the closely spaced route in the south east don't need big trams like the Es.  Trams greater than 30m in length would be extremely problematic in the CBD - the blocks of the Hoddle grid are not big enough in the north-south streets to fit in the platform stops.

The budget reports indicate that the trams will be built in Melbourne, so Dandenong (under its new Alston ownership) looks like being busy.

I have attached part of a plan from a 1983 report by the (then new) Metropolitan Transit Authority which shows a new Airport West Depot.

The plan was to sell off Essendon Depot and build anew.  The biggest negative aspect of this proposal - identified in the proposal - was the amount of 'dead running' to serve the West Maribyrnong and Footscray routes. However, there's not really other options in the area.

Kew, Malvern and Camberwell were also to be sold, however, those plans revolved around a new depot at Wantirna South and a greatly expanded South Melbourne depot (on the old site).  Since that time, heritage issues have become much more prominent, so I doubt that these three depots will be closed.

The only real heritage aspect of Essendon Depot is the 1906 carbarn and that could be relatively easily re-purposed.

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