Re: Brisbane newspaper tram clippings from 1963
  Matthew Geier

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> Yes I did read that thanks Tony. CSELR has plenty to give it major life

> and full justification between the CBD shuttle, the UNSW shuttle and event

> services, even without feeding suburbs beyond the end of the lines, no

> doubt about that.


At some point, I seem to recall a UNSW transport study where the University
itself thought they alone could soak up over 70-80% of the CESLR capacity
on their own.

The big 'problem' is the Uni has relatively short semesters / long breaks
making it a really 'lumpy' demand. Do the passenger survey in January or
June and wonder what all the crowding fuss was about. Do the survey in Apri
when the semester is in full swing, a quite different story.
Only April 2021 the Uni may still be focusing on distance learning, I
don't think the focus will move back to large face-to-face lectures till a
COVID vaccine filters down to people of average student age, and this
continuing remote learning focus will lull the transport planers into
thinking the system 'can handle it'. The following full face-to-face
teaching semester will bring area transport to its knees. And not just
public transport - the area will be in chaos If say 10-15 per cent of the
student cohort who used to use the buses decide to use cars instead...