Re: Death of Shane Moore
  Roderick Smith

Shane had no relatives.
The funeral is being organised by Cinema and Theatre Historical Society, as there is a key member resident in Bendigo, and Shane had been a committee member and an inspection organiser.
It is on Friday 27 November, at 2 pm at Mulqueen Family Funeral Directors, 15-25 Bridge Street. 1800 300 445.
Then afterwards at Bridge Hotel.

I am a Caths member, and was an associate of Shane in the railway hobby from the late 1960s.
I am drawing on my collection and Doug's to assemble the 'This was your life' segment.
I will be one of two eulogists.

The parlour is about 2 km from the station: head along McCrae St towards the tram depot, but turn left into Chapel St beforehand.
I spent Friday talking with BT regarding a tram component.  It is in lockdown, so no final ride is possible.
There is a static tram at the mine, and we may be able to pose the coffin with it.
Failing that, we will pose with a photo of Shane.

The funeral will be livestreamed, and the organiser expects that most friends from both major hobbies will view rather than travel, and we will not exceed the government's limit of 20 for an indoor funeral (which may be changed on Monday).
For those coming by train, there are two choices:
* 10.20 to arrive at 12.07 and have lunch and possibly attend a photoshoot (taxi needed)
* 11.20 to arrive at 13.14, and head straight to the parlour (walkable or taxi).

The organiser asks for an rsvp so that he can alert the hotel re numbers.
For tram & train people, please email me atrnveditor@....

I am not yet sure when contact-tracing information has to be supplied.

Expect an information update from me on Wednesday or Thursday.