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Photo of my self and shane in Bendigo nursing home 15 november 2019

One day I will work out how thousands of km I drove him from about 2098

Doug a close of shanes from 1987

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Another “colourful tramway identity” has passed on.

Others knew Shane better than I; but I do remember him purchasing an unused W2 destination blind from me about 20 years ago. I presume it was for his tram – now at Bylands. Shane offered me a very fair price and I got the feeling he believed he’d got a good deal; a classic win win.

He struck me as rather formal person but with a good knowledge of trams. We enjoyed a pleasant conversation for several minutes and I remember him mentioning his mother’s poor health.

It’s rather sad to read of someone passing on and leaving no surviving relatives or close friends. I presume Shane never partnered. He would have been about 70? It’s good to see people from within the hobby have risen to pay their respects.

I wonder what provision/bequest Shane would have made for the maintenance and upkeep of his trams?

Paul in Melbourne

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