Ron #41
  David Featherstone

Both shots December 1972. Two tremendous overhauled W2s with their new
marker lights.
608 in St Kilda Rd at Park St Glen Iris bound (wrong desto)
648 has just left Flinders St, passed Spring St and is in Wellington Parade
with the Treasury Gardens on her left, where they used to hold the Herald
Outdoor Art Show for a week each December, starting in 1953. Maybe it was
on then.
Further on we pass Lansdowne St and the gardens become the Fitzroy
Gardens. You all remember Capt Fitzroy who captained HMS Beagle and took
Charles Darwin on his travels to the Galapagos Islands. They did have a
falling out later however upon Darwin's Origins of the Species - Fitzroy
was appalled. He was very religious. He would turn up at Darwin speeches
and heckle him. True
Cooks' Cottage located in here.
Then further up in the distance you can see a crane - this is the
construction of the Melbourne Hilton on the site of the demolished (1968)
Clivedon Mansions (pronounced Kleevdon) building on the corner of Clarendon
St . This was an iconic building in East Melbourne. For all Norm
Gallagher's faults he stopped a lot of wanton demolition in his day,
Clivedon was too early for Norm, however. The Old Freemason's Hospital up
the road in Clarendon St is now called Epworth-Clivedon.
Oh did I say there's a rather large football ground on the other side of
the road near Jolimont Station?
Every picture tells a story - or two.
Thanks for the snaps Ron.

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