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HI Steve,

Are you still in contact with Peter bardho? I have not seen him for about 5 years now



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Sad to hear about Shane myself & Peter bardho drove W2 568 on a charter in the 1990s I know we went to airport West & possably Napier st siding? R I P shane. does anyone remember that charter?

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This news is happening now.
I am now in direct contact with Doug (thanks Mal).
Shane's funeral will be in Bendigo at 2 pm on Fri.27.11. It will be small, and will be livestreamed, so most friends from afar will watch that rather than travel.
I will post more details as they become available: we may yet have a group travel together (and with restrictions eased to a further extent from the Monday of that week).
I will be going to Bendigo as a eulogist, so all material posted here will be included in my speech.
Already I have insights from Doug and from Noel.
Already I have that great photo from Roger (Tralaggan? sp?) via Doug, which I will clean and retone, and is the front runner to be placed on the coffin.
That is Shane how we remember him.
We may get a small selection of photos to make a screening, which will mean a lot to those viewing online.
Inevitably, they bring memories: 'I was there that day'; 'That is me on the left'; 'I'd forgotten that event'.
I am simply a go between, but I have always been a keen supporter of the hobby giving recognition to those who supported it.

Enclosed: H368 on the night of its transfer from North Fitzroy to Preston. This was after the last trams of Thursday night. The towbar is almost invisible. You can believe that the H is under power.