Re: Bent
  Mal Rowe

On 25/10/2020 15:37, Yuri Sos wrote:
> But is it derailed?  I thought this was just a regular E1 on a

> southbound 96 service turning from Bourke into Spencer, the effect

> exaggerated by telephoto compression.


Correct, although it does correctly show that the two end sections are
at right angles as they go around the corner.

The Citadis design probably does not allow as much of an angle at the
articulation joint.

The Bombardier E class has two bends at around 45 degrees, while a 5
section Citadis C2 rounding the same corner would have three bends at 30
degrees and a 3 section Citadis C1 at Collins St would probably not have
the 90 degree difference between the two ends.

Mal Rowe - who did not catch a derailment