Re: Tiny tram world
  Mal Rowe

Tiny tram world has passed - new travel limits announced in Victoria today allow travel up to 25km from home.

For me, that includes the entire civilised area of Melbourne (i.e. Wantirna South is just inside the circle!)

So here are the last couple of pics from my travels within the 5km radius.

First pic looks down the steep hill in the reservation one block east of Wests Rd - built on land granted to the MMTB by the Commonwealth during WW2.

199 is at the junction with the west Maribyrnong line, turning into Raleigh Rd.  Cordite Ave runs off to the left.

Second pic is a "through the (tram) window" shot and looks west along Cordite Ave from the junction topwards the West Maribyrnong terminus.  The presence of three trams near the terminus is a symptom of the early running due to light traffic.

Mal Rowe - looking forward to a haircut

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199 WestsRd 14Oct2020  |  1566W x 1047H  | 618.45 KB |  Photo details
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181 CorditeAve 14Oct2020  |  1331W x 1050H  | 335.08 KB |  Photo details