Re: Shared legacy
  Mal Rowe

On 15/10/2020 21:03, Andrew C wrote:
> Very much as you suggest Hal about redundant poles. However, the

> remaining poles still in situ and holding up wires seem to be well

> maintained. I expect they are the responsibility of the government

> owned Victrack rather than our private tram operator, but don't spread

> the news that it is not a private company's fault.

Under the franchise agreement all pole maintenance is the responsibility
of the franchisee (KDR trading as Yarra Trams).

Most poles are owned by VicTrack, but even those not owned are the
responsibility of Yarra.

The agreement includes:

" 2.9 Tram poles
The Franchisee acknowledges that there are a number of tram poles which
are not owned by VicTrack and which therefore do not form part of the
Infrastructure. The Franchisee acknowledges that PTV has not made any
representation or given any warranty as to title and has no liability
for any defect in title or right of occupancy or usage that may exist,
either now or in the future, in respect of any tram pole."

Yarra are required to report on performance.

Mal Rowe in a city that has learnt about franchising over the years