Radcliffe, John (L&W, Waite Campus)

The attached photo, from the Vic Solomons collection, was forwarded to me by a colleague in London who had received it from Bruce Macdonald for comment. Vic had apparently not realised that the trailer was unlike any other in Sydney and that there was no previous knowledge or photo of it. Bruce and my colleague have discussed it at length and suggest that it might just be the Sydney Rowan car, heavily rebuilt as a trailer, for which there is also no known photograph. No other possibility seems to present itself. The louvre panels above the windows are a feature seen on some early trams built by Brown, Marshalls, the builder of the Sydney Rowan car. A centre and rear end entrance were a feature of many Rowan cars and if this is one, then the motor unit end has been rebuilt to provide a second end entrance.

Can anyone offer any comment on this hypothesis or otherwise identify the trailer?

Thank you

John Radcliffe..

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