Vale Yahell Groups
  David McLoughlin

I first encountered newsgroups like this in 1995 on Usenet, where I found
such gems as MTUT (which I did the FAQ for over a couple of years and met
such legends as Big Don of Loot Rail fame) and aus-rail. But the growth of
the internet from about 1998 saw Usenet swamped with spam, and later I
found TDU on what was then Yahoo Groups.

The growth of short-attention-span nakedly commercial sites like Facebook
and Twitter saw the downgrading of Yahoo groups to the extent that users
here called it Yahell. It became so bad that TDU migrated to Google
Groups (a site which ironically many moons ago bought the whole Usenet
archive for some odd reason). And TDU remains -- thankfully -- here on
Google Groups despite there also being photo-heavy, text-lite FB groups of
the same name, one of which I also follow.

Anyway, today I got an email from Yahoo saying Yahoo Groups will cease
altogether on 15 December. I don't think many people will notice, or care.
I won't copy and paste the email. There are various stories on IT media
about it, try here if you're interested:

david mcloughlin, New Zealand
"A man who, despite his undoubted intelligence and even charm, managed to
be an excruciating bore, buttonholing one and inexorably imparting
information on subjects one was only too happy to know nothing about." --
Diana Mitford.