Re: Tiny tram world ... and a question
  David Batho

I 'did good’, then! Would the double ones correspond with tram route junctions, or ‘sections’ (if they still have them), or, maybe, a terminus for a short working?


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> On 15/10/2020 10:47, David Batho wrote:

>> Would it be some kind of ‘transponder’ for the tram’s location, or to trigger appropriate announcements in the tram as it approaches the stop?

> I think you are right David.


> I suspect the thick white discs are new 'signposts' for the AVM (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring) system.

> I did a search of Vic tenders and they pur out a tender for an upgrade to the old AVM system, last year. It included the following line:


> "The AVM uses radio signposts (270 on the network) and odometer to locate trams, which are reported as being the last-reported distance (meters) past last signpost, and is shown to Controllers textually, as well as on character-based line maps. Meanwhile there are 1700 stops on the network, of which the system is not aware."


> So I am assuming these are the new stop based signposts, but I don't know why there are sometimes 1 and sometimes 2 - it could be a roll-out change in progress.


> My understanding is that the plan was to go to GPS, but it was found to be unreliable in the Melbourne CBD due to high rise buildings.


> Mal Rowe - observing change


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