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  Richard Youl

From what a former workmate told me concerning an incident he had with an E class, front and rear cameras are always recording although possibly drivers can elect which one to highlight on their viewing screen.

One night, on either an E or C2 doing a 96 to St Kilda, it looked like the driver was concentrating on a couple of the interior cameras where some more attractive young passengers were standing 😊


>> On 14 Oct 2020, at 2:10 pm, Mal Rowe mal.rowe@...> wrote:

>  This request for information comes from another group:


> Just a question I have been asked.


> Do Melbourne Trams have dataloggers and are they used to provide any information when incidents occur?


> I note that there are over 1500 incidents per year on the Melbourne tram network.


> I know the E's have cameras that can record what's in front of the tram, but don't know if they are 'always on' or turned on by the driver.

> Yarra have published video of dangerous behaviour, so I assume there are some recordings.


> Can anyone help with more info?


> Mal Rowe - who behaves on and around trams

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