Re: Shopping Drive.
  Mal Rowe

On 14/10/2020 08:54, David Batho wrote:
> I’m assuming the sign above the overhead in your photo, Mal, indicates a terminus?

The sign showing a tram in a green circle in
indicates a "Fairway" where motor cars are supposed to move off the tram
tracks to clear a path for a tram. The yellow line on the roadway
defines the tram lane.  It's rarely complied with!

In this case, the END of the Fairway is to allow southbound motor cars
to enter the centre lane to turn right at Bell St (where the yellow
building is).

The view looks south in Plenty Rd from the entrance to East Preston tram
depot, and 2093 was running in to that depot.

East Preston closed as a tram depot when New Preston opened, but is now
used as the refurbishment workshops for the tram life extension project
covering all except the E class.

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