Another Brisbane Rarity
  Mick Topp

This is another one from the State Library of Qld.
The large file is their photo and the smaller one is a snip of what I
noticed when I zoomed in.
It is one of the BT Co sprinkler cars 202, 204 or 205 which were used to
settle the dust along the tram routes from 1898 onwards. Saltwater was used
until it was realised that it was causing severe corrosion on the steel
structure of the Victoria Bridge and to the sprinkler cars as well,
The change to fresh water was short-lived as they were all gone by 1927,
possibly because roads were being bitumen sealed by then.

Mick in Brisbane

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Saltwater Sprinkler Queen St Near Edward St 1908 Zoomed SLQ  |  1352W x 897H  | 618.51 KB |  Photo details
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Sprinkler Car and Horse Carts Queen St Near Edward St 1908 SLQ  |  6000W x 4833H  | 2.72 MB |