Ballarat 52 years back
  Mal Rowe

I had a request for some Ballarat pics and so pulled out an old strip of negs.

Among the images was the attached, made in rather typical Ballarat winter weather.

The date was 29 June 1968 and the occasion was a TMSV tour to mark the supposed achievement of 1,000,000 miles of running in Ballarat by their No 27.

I say 'supposed' because later checks found an error in the logs of around 100,000 miles.  I suspect that 27 is now well past the 1,000,000 mile mark.

... but that's not what caught my eye.  Neither was it the pic of 30, the regular service car which had come in 'over the top of' 27.

What caught my eye was the horse drawn milk float in the background, making its gentle way up the Midland Highway.

Mal Rowe - reflecting on times past

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