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I only derailed once and It was like the tram was skating on ice.

In the morning On route 86 outside ST Vincents Heading to City but being diverted via Latrobe Street. As the tram rounded the corner into Victoria Parade the points flicked back on the wheels on the rear Of the B Class Artic.

The front rounded the corner but the back went sidewards. I blocked the whole of the intersection and got bonus points for flipping the panto. The problem points had already been reported so I suffered no investigation.

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You never lived, Peter!

I did have one little derailment.

Coming into the route 12 terminus at Saint Kilda, I noticed that the tram in front had not gone all the way to the end of the terminus. Anyone would think that drivers had to get out and push their tram the last few metres as it seemed too much bother for many of them to actually go the distance.

Anyway I thought I had gone in the whole way in behind that tram as I was running in for meal break. It was dark so I could not readily see under the tram as to whether it had cleared the point blades fully.

So I set off very carefully and stopped as soon as I felt it go wrong.

I got the other driver to shift his tram all the way back and then watch the wheels as I drove the tram backwards. Tracks set in bitumen made it much easier for the wheels to re-rail on point work.

Anyway it went back on the tracks okay and we went back to South for our evening meal break. I never told the Starter or anybody and never heard anything about it.

From what I’ve heard they would sack you for doing that these days.


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And try as I might I never managed to get off the road during my illustrious M&MTB career.

Peter Bruce.

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On 18/09/2020 23:45, Peter Bruce wrote:
> Mal knows quite well that every tram depot in the world has a fine

> selection of grooves in the road surface just like Brunswick.


Yes, and my local depot had a lot of 'evidence' back in 2004.

Mal Rowe - witness to a few such events