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Mon.22.6.20 Metro Twitter
Buses replace trains on sections of the Frankston and line  and to Stony Point until the last train of Sun 26 Jul (level-crossing works).
From Mon 22 Jun to Fri 26 Jun, escalators and ticket gates at Melbourne Central will change to one-way passenger flow as part of a trial. Use Swanston St gates to enter the station and Elizabeth St gates to exit the station. [as ever, neither DoT nor Metro can cope: management convenience, smothered with spin, wins at all times.  Do email both].
6.40 Minor delays Upper Ferntree Gully - Belgrave (an equipment fault at Upwey).
15.48 Werribee line: Buses will replace trains between Newport and Laverton (a track fault near Newport). Altona loop passengers change at Newport for a replacement bus.
- 16.14 Journey time extended by ~30 min.
- 16.36 All replacement buses are in operation.
- 18.07 Trains have resumed between Newport and Laverton (via Altona) The first through trains: 18.20 Flinders Street to Laverton and 19.09 ex Laverton.
- Why do I pay so much for your service? You’ve cancelled multiple lines pushing more people into the train when we are meant to social distance? If I catch it, will you pay my medical bills? PATHETIC. Any other faulty product would warrant a refund
Buses replace trains Dandenong - Pakenham from 20.10 until the last train (works).
Buses replace trains Parliament - Sandringham from 20.15 Until the last train (maintenance works).
Pakenham/Cranbourne/Frankston lines: All trains will originate/terminate at Richmond from 20.50 until the last train (maintenance works). From Flinders St, take a Lilydale/Belgrave/Glen Waverley train and change at Richmond.
Werribee line: All trains will terminate/originate at Southern Cross from 21.00 until the last train (maintenance works). From Flinders St, take trains from pfm 1, 2 or 3 and change at Southern Cross.
21.45 Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Major delays (an 'operational incident').
- You're really fast.  I should take your job [with a 21.27 post].
- 21.46 Sandringham/Frankston Lines: Major delays (an 'operational incident'.
- I’m so sick of this shit.

Victoria should consider hard lockdown: experts June 22, 2020 130 comments

Commuters may never return to the roads, says Transurban boss June 22, 2020 — 3.48pm

Plan for social enterprise hub in shipping containers under city railway line
Herald Sun June 22, 2020
A forgotten piece of land under railway tracks in central Melbourne is set to become a social enterprise hub, with beloved bike shop Good Cycles leading the charge. Here’s what’s planned.
Good Cycles chief executive Jaison Hoernel and team leader Nathan Taylor at the site of the proposed social enterprise cluster. Picture: Tim Carrafa
Land underneath noisy railway tracks is the unlikely location for a proposed social enterprise hub for Melbourne community bike shop Good Cycles.
Plans for 16 shipping containers to be situated under the rail line on Flinders St in the city have been submitted to the council.
The project would be located on the land, also known as Customs Square, opposite the Immigration Museum.
The proposed social enterprise hub by Good Cycles for Customs Square, Flinders St, Melbourne. Picture: CHT Architects.
The $600,000 cluster would squeeze into spaces separated by railway track support columns. The shipping containers would house offices, shops, cycle repair shop and dining.
Good Cycles chief executive Jaison Hoernel said the site had huge potential to support the community and offer jobs for young people.
Mr Hoernel said he hoped to open the hub as early as later this year.
“The focus of the site would be training and employment and then particularly employment for vulnerable young Victorians and knowing their challenges, particularly post-covid.
“We obviously think that this is a great opportunity, given the current crisis and then to revitalise that space.’’
Proposed hub at Customs Square, opposite the Immigration Museum. Pic: CHT Architects
The land is owned by VicTrack which is offering a lease on the space.
“We want to bring in other social enterprises who have similar business models and being able to use a site like that to create jobs through providing services in the City of Melbourne,’’ he said.
Noise reduction will be incorporated into the modified shipping containers, designed by Tract and CHT Architects.
Melbourne councillor Nicholas Reece said Customs Square was an important area on the north bank of the Yarra.
“In the earliest days of European settlement it was where new arrivals would disembark and start their new lives in Melbourne,’’ Cr Reece said.
“Today it’s a prime location under the railway tracks at Flinders St that is heavily used by pedestrians and cyclists, but the area is not all that it could be.’’
The hub would be under the rail line on the northern side of the Yarra. Pic: CHT Architects,
Good Cycles has plans for a 16-shipping container hub opposite the Immigration Museum on Finders St.
Committee for Melbourne chief executive Martine Letts said the Customs Square Social Enterprise Cluster would enhance Melbourne’s economic, social and environmental future.
“It’s a great example of social innovation,’’ Ms Letts said.
Good Cycles began in 2013 and has a CBD base as well as a service centre at Docklands. The organisation also co-ordinated the introduction of Jump share bikes in central Melbourne.

June 22 2020 Victorian public transport minister Melissa Horne dumped from cabinet
The North-East railway line woes have been a contributing factor in the demise of Victoria's public transport minister Melissa Horne, according to National Party deputy leader Steph Ryan. The Albury to Melbourne service has failed to meet its 92 per cent punctuality target in 18 monthly counts since late 2018. Last month the North-East line recorded just 0.6 per cent of trains running on time with speed restrictions still in place due to the Wallan derailment earlier this year. But Ms Ryan said Premier Daniel Andrews's decision to dump Ms Horne from the public transport portfolio was an admission of his government's appalling record on VLine.
'VLine's performance has gone from bad to worse under Labor, as deep funding cuts continue to affect the lives of regional train travellers', Ms Ryan said. 'In Melissa Horne's 18 months as minister, VLine has regularly failed to meet performance targets. 'Changing ministers will do nothing to fix the delays, overcrowding and cancellations that continue to hit country train travellers. 'Daniel Andrews might think a different minister will be a better salesperson but nothing will change while Labor continues to sell the same dodgy policies. 'Labor has cut $149 million from VLine's operating budget and is selling out country train travellers with a second-rate airport rail link'. Ben Carroll will take on the public transport role and the roads and road safety portfolio which was occupied by Jaala Pulford. MsPulford takes on employment, innovation and small business.

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