Re: New MTT in November.

Hey all.
Richard thanks so much for the info,interesting to see that
E's will be running route 30 so the latest arrivals can build up service
Km's.,as route 30 is a Southbank route,what will happen to the Preston new
arrivals?Surely a better solution would be to keep the route 12 via Latrobe
st as the main route and use the E Class instead of A's and possibly use
them for a new Collins st daytime shuttle from 7 am to 7 pm between
Docklands and St.Vincents plaza or East Melbourne.Is all this dependent on
the covid situation,and could the current service changes stay around

Regards Tim Strait
On Wednesday, 16 September 2020 at 06:14:21 UTC+10 Richard Youl wrote:

> From ‘the man on the inside’:


> “Hi Richard,


> Okay, to Tim's requests:


> - there will be a new master timetable introduced in early November

> (MTT20B) - that means MTT20A will only last for about three months

> - two additional city circle trams will be added (four per direction)

> creating a 15 minute headway in lieu of the current 20 min.

> - E-class trams will replace A-class trams on line 30 to allow the

> latest additions of that class to build up operating kilometres

> - it is still proposed to introduce E-class trams (provided by

> Southbank and operated by Southbank and Tram Hub) to route 58, replacing

> the D-class trams that are supplied by Malvern with the introduction of

> MTT21A (sometime in May 2021)

> - due to the changing nature of the various infrastructure projects,

> the timeline for many have become too fluid to fix a date, therefore the YT

> website does not show them too far in advance

> - similarly, cascade plans have slowed due to the ongoing pandemic

> making the allocation of rolling stock on a permanent basis difficult

> - with the removal of D-class vehicles on line 58, there will be two

> vehicle classes that Tram Hub drivers will no longer be trained (W & D)”



> Regards,


> Richard


> On 15 Sep 2020, at 12:50 pm, timmy1041 timm...@...> wrote:


> Hey all,


> Message for Richard Youl...

> As we are moving closer to November and you asked me to

> remind you,would it be possible to confirm with your 'man on the inside" as

> to whether this is still scheduled to go ahead,and has there been any

> change to the plans for the E's on the 58 and finally why the yearly track

> work updates which list the works on a month by month basis have been

> removed from the YT website,as well as any other info regarding tram

> cascades or anything else.


> Regards Tim Strait


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