Re: Tiny tram world
  Mal Rowe

On 16/09/2020 17:12, Mal Rowe wrote:
> A bit further north the track zig zags again and the second pic shows 2061 rejoining a due north alignment at Reynard St for the final run to the terminus.


It took me about 8 minutes to walk to the terminus at West Coburg.

As I arrived another tram was just leaving and 2061 was sitting south of the terminus because there were two trams in the terminus.

It was another 5 minutes before one of the trams left and 2061 was able to run to the end.

The service frequency is 8 mins at that time of day - so 2061 was at least 15 minutes ahead of schedule due to light loads and light traffic.

Mal Rowe - finding photography easier with light traffic

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