Re: Tiny tram world
  Mal Rowe

I am now permitted to be out exercising for 2 hours, so went a bit further afield within my 5km radius circle today.

First pic shows 2083 approaching Moreland Rd, where the track does a bit of a zig zag to meet the next section of the 'cobbled together' Melville Rd.

My pic at the same location a bit over 50 years back is at:

A bit further north the track zig zags again and the second pic shows 2061 rejoining a due north alignment at Reynard St for the final run to the terminus.

The parkland in the foreground is Shore Reserve.

Mal Rowe - exercised

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2083 MelvilleRd 16Sep2020  |  1581W x 1050H  | 371.13 KB |  Photo details
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2061 MelvilleRd 16Sep2020  |  1515W x 1050H  | 500.97 KB |  Photo details