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  Roger Greenwood

Yes, correct Michael.

The double track extended only to Thistle St which was about halfway between the Howick St tram depot and the location of the trolley bus in Launceston Photo – 71


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The tar strip down the middle of the street looks like a former single tram track location.

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TB319 is inbound from Quarantine Rd on the through-routed service to Newnham Park.

It has pulled into the kerb just short of what was then a major road intersection signified by the two finger-post signs:

Midlands Highway

To Hobart

North West Coast, meaning Devonport, Burnie, Wynyard, Stanley & Cape Grim at the far north-west.

One of many global air monitoring stations is located at Cape Grim and consistently records the ‘cleanest air in the world’. Little wonder, the air at Cape Grim has been blown unimpeded by westerly winds (the ‘Roaring Forties’) across the Indian Ocean.

Roger Greenwood

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TB319 at an unknown location.