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  Mal Rowe

On 11/09/2020 21:17, 'Robert Thomson' via TramsDownUnder wrote:

> According to Keith Kings history of the Bendigo Tramways published February 1972 the double track terminus at Golden Square was removed about February 1960.

Thanks Robert.

That sort of Y terminus - where a single truck line opened up to double track at the end - was also used at Quarry Hill and Lake Weeroona in Bendigo.

I assume the layout was to allow hand shunting of trailers at the terminus.  Bendigo used some of the single truck steam tram trailers and some ex-Ballarat horse trams as trailers for the electric trams in early days.

The NMET&LCo had the same arrangement at each terminus of the "Essendon Tramways" for the same reason.

I attach a pic showing the Puckle St terminus, courtesy of the NLA.

Mal Rowe - who has waited many years to have the occasion to post this fairly boring pic

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