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  Radcliffe, John (L&W, Waite Campus)

Picture taken about 1900 looks across the intersection of King William Street with Hindley Street, facing North-West. Note that there were three parallel tram tracks visible. North Adelaide cars of the Adelaide and Suburban Tramway Company occupied the outer tracks as down and up tracks. The central track, which has two horsecars also travelling north, was used by Adelaide and Suburban Tramway Company for its Kensington cars looping from Grenfell Street, initially “bang road” into King William Street to join the central standing road in King William Street before turning into Rundle Street. Beyond the intersection, at the extreme right of the picture is another horsecar facing South on another central track used as the city terminus of the Adelaide, Hindmarsh and Henley beach Tramway Company whose cars operated via Hindley Street .Its track was not connected to the A&S tracks.

The attached map of Adelaide horsecar tracks is from a larger map drawn by the late Cristopher Steele The short sections of disconnected tracks show earlier track layouts.

Despite the caption on the picture, St Peters Cathedral is not visible.

John Radcliffe

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Horse trams in King William Street, Adelaide. From Vic Solomons collection.




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