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  Andrew Cook

Nice work Yuri. This photo got me searching for a few snaps I have here, taken by Jeff Bounds, of the stripped-down W2 cars stored at Thornbury at the time. Without going into a deep research, I think a lot of these cars were stored due to service cuts and the intention by the then Bolte government to shut down the Melbourne tramway system? Some had suffered bad accident damage (e.g. 505?, which later on was acquired by Haddon for spare parts), but the majority seem to have been stored as a source of spare parts for the other W2s still running. Fortunately for Melbourne, we had Mr. Risson to stop the rot and old Rhino Bolte retired, being replaced by a more enlightened State Premier. When Z class prototype 1041 turned up, it heralded in a new era and Melbourne's trams never looked back.

The sad images are:

01_351 and 365 looking like the ghosts of their former selves at Thornbury, on 3 July, 1966.
02_228 and possibly 505 at Thornbury, undated.
03_252, 309, etc., stored at Thornbury on death row, undated.

Andrew Cook (apologising for these bleak images).

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>Cheers Steve, my eyes playing tricks.

Here you go, David. Played with a few sliders in Photoshop to make the gloom less so and easier on the eyes.


(happily surprised in how much detail is revealed with a bit of tweaking)

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01 351 and 365 stripped at Thornbury 3 July 1966  |  1492W x 959H  | 274.45 KB |  Photo details
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02 228 and possibly 505 Thornbury Undated  |  1716W x 1088H  | 286.48 KB |  Photo details
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03 252 and 309 etc Thornbury Undated  |  1537W x 976H  | 242.44 KB |  Photo details