Re: Save special space

Here are some before and after photos of the Ultimo site. The tram depot as
you can see has a completely new front and a new, higher roof, with the
peaks of the new sawteeth rounded off. The interior is completely gutted
and outfitted with offices, conservation workshops etc. On the powerhouse
that can be seen in the background of one photo, the chimneys were
demolished to roof level. The museum wanted to demolish them to the floor
so that they had a "clean" space (which is what modern major museums are
interested in, not heritage buildings full of compromises). I find it
ironic that they called it the "Powerhouse" because they did all they could
to erase the heritage of the site when they moved into it. The powerhouse
became a shell and they extended it with a new building on the Harris St
(warning: trams visible in this photo)

Newtown depot is another that comes to mind as a complete shed with the
depot outbuildings, although the shed is in a ruinous state as debate
continues about what to do with it. Fort Macquarie is gone. Waverley shed
is part complete, used as a bus depot. Enfield, a very intact group
including the water tower, has gone in recent years. Part of Manly appears
to be still there. Dowling St is gone. I think a part of North Sydney is
still there. The old North Sydney cable depot is still there as the
Independent Theatre. Parts of Randwick Workshops survive, mostly on the
University of NSW part of the site. In Newcastle, Hamilton shed is still
used as a bus depot.On the Castle Hill line, the depot survived as a bus
depot for many years but has since gone.

Tony P