TMSV # 59
  David Featherstone

I am pleased people are enjoying these shots. It just seemed a good time
to do these, because if I didn't and got distracted these shots would
inevitably sink without trace. There's no doubt there are so many others
out there that need a lifebuoy. It is amazing how history can disappear.
I love the trams, love the - I guess you would say numeric alpha -
numbering on the trams, the buildings have changed so much it is crazy, the
automobiles. Hard to imagine these are mostly over 50 years old.
We have a long way to go still, but that's okay if you are okay.

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0263-ElizabethSt@FranklinSt-TMSV  |  1756W x 1083H  | 225.47 KB |  
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0267-1967-SthMelbPerWay-TMSV  |  1780W x 1043H  | 174.84 KB |  
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0268-CollinsSt east of ElizabethSt-TMSV  |  1715W x 1060H  | 272.96 KB |  
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0268-VictoriaBridge-TMSV  |  1776W x 1068H  | 170.58 KB |  
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0270-02-RiversdaleRd@WarrigalRd-TMSV  |  1780W x 1091H  | 208.65 KB |