Re: Save special space

The original roof of Ultimo is long gone, as well as some of the walls and
the interior is completely gutted. I have a list somewhere, but off the top
of my head, Tempe, Leichhardt and Rozelle are I think the most intact and
best representative examples. I think Tempe still has the offices too. They
are all pretty similar but different sizes, but the most unique feature is
that they all had a different design of parapet. A nice architectural touch
that made each one unique. I bet nobody ever noticed that! The collection
is now pretty chopped up since the 1990s, with some gone altogether. Those
notorious tram-haters, the STA, got stuck into getting rid of them in the
1990s and 2000s. I was negotiating with them at the time. Their attitude to
retaining any tram relics (and ROWs for future use) was brutal and
uncompromising. I have photos of all the depots from the 1980s and 1990s. I
gave all my railway station photos to the ARHS but I held back the tram
depot ones because I was equivocating whether it would be better to give
them to STM. I should act on that before they get caught up in some family
estate clean-out in the future.

Tony P