Save special space
  Greg Sutherland

SMH Letters to the Editor p25 31/7/20

_Save special space_

Your article indicated that the Harwood Building is still under threat ("Ultimo is final stop for the
Powerhouse's famous locomotive", July 30).

The Harwood Building is the former Ultimo Tram Depot.

While some other Sydney tram depots still exist, Ultimo was the prototype for all of them, introducing the distinctive sawtooth roof with large skylights and open under floor area with pillars supported the rails. It has enormous heritage significance in its own right, and since 1997 has been protected by a Heritage Order.

It is a grand piece of Sydney's industrial heritage, and its enormous open interior space makes it suitable for public activities. The NSW government needs to be sent a message to keep it intact and in public hands.

*Bill Bolton, St Ives*