I had the opportunity to ride both L2 and L3 today, between Central and
Randwick/Kingsford. It's quite obvious that the trams are held back by the
control room to conform with the slow timetable that's been set. Some
drivers are more lively than others, but no matter how lively they may be,
it's to no avail because as soon as a tram starts to get ahead of time
it's either held at stops or slowed down to deliberately miss traffic
lights. Absolutely no doubt that the tram could get between Central and
Randwick in 10 minutes instead of 20, but it's slowed down to timetable.
At the Randwick end they make merry with red lights right along High St,
then when you get to the end and you think you're finally there, they stand
off the terminus for ages then finally clunk slowly across the points. If
they were P class trams you could abandon ship but unfortunately you're
stuck inside them.

I have a hunch they're going to abandon bus interchange at Randwick as
they've quietly converted the proposed interchange bus stop in Avoca St to
a slip lane for Belmore Rd. The vast bus platforms at Kingsford sit empty
with their PIDs blank and bus stop signs covered up. I suspect Randwick
quietly wont happen, but they can't leave that very obvious interchange at
Kingsford unused. However, the tram simply can't compete with the buses and
provide a value-added replacement for commuters and that is a dilemma.

Normally I hate AOA, so when the tram to Central turned up with AOA we sat
at the front where there was a pane of clear glass. Then when I got off at
Central and turned to wait for the tram to pass, what should pass right in
front of my eyes but the larger than life face of an old acquaintance, the
late Warwick Bracegirdle, DSC, former neighbour (I still keep in touch
with his son) and naval hero of WW2 and the Korean War.

Appearing among the artwork thus:

Apparently this wrap commemorating heroes of the Korean War will be on
until 26 July.

"Braces", a very talented gunnery officer, won three DSCs: one while with
HMAS Perth in the Mediterranean for towing away an ammunition lighter from
a burning ship, being nearly drowned when the ship exploded, one in HMAS
Shropshire at the epic Battle of Surigao Strait and one as skipper of HMAS
Bataan in Korea. One of the best memories of my life as a young boy was
being invited by Braces, a very genial man, on a tour of Bataan after she
came back from Korea. Their house at Woolwich backed onto the Lane Cove
River and the ship's launch pulled in by a rock shelf to pick us up and
take us to the ship. Still remember it all crystal clear. So when I saw his
photo cruise past me on a tram I was agog. It erased any other poor
thoughts I had about the trams for the day!

Still don't like wrap though but I'll forgive this one!

Tony P