RE: Inside another tram
  Radcliffe, John (L&W, Waite Campus)

Adelaide D type tram 192 looking in the opposite direction from the No. 1 end to the previous picture. I suspect both pictures may have been taken when it was parked at Morphettville Racecourse sidings in early January 1958 (along with cars 1 and 111) while the AETM was trying to find a home, and before vandals three stones at the windows about 26 January 1958 (see attached).
John Radcliffe


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Does anyone the tram type in this photo of an interior tram?



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SK-5-02 - Car 192 111 1 S1 Mville JCR - KSK 25-1-58  |  2048W x 1536H  | 1.06 MB |