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Very interesting Bill. When branded as PLUME, I’m sure that servos carried signage somewhere identifying them as ‘The Vacuum Oil Co’ and this persisted for a time under Mobilgas.

Neptune was a subsidiary of the Shell Oil company but was previously identified as Waratah brand. I think there was a brand of petrol in Sydney called Purr-Pull.

The name COR (Commonwealth Oil Refinery) was unkindly applied to a brand of whiskey distilled at Geelong. This company marketed its product as ‘Corio 5-star’ but to those who didn’t find it to their taste it was COR-10.

Now we learn that Caltex servos are to be rebranded as Ampol. What next? Resurgence of Golden Fleece?

Roger Greenwood

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As I’ve said before --- my grandfather in 1932 had a petrol bowser on the footpath outside his shop – the brand was PAX with a black and white insignia – a hand operated pump. A few years later Pax was absorbed by ALBA (yellow and bluish I think) and then by 1938 the bowser was electrified and was the flying red horse --- Vacuum Plume I think. A short distance away there had been a Texaco (yellow!) and it became Caltex.

Bill J

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"At the Sign of the Flying Red Horse". Can't remember the brand....Mobil??

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116 turning from Augusta Road onto New Town Road, West Hobart

Love the petrol station!