Route/service changes

Hey all,
From 14/7/2020 route 12 will run via Latrobe st full time
replacing route 30 which will no longer run.Route 31 will be re instated in
Collins st between St Vincents Plaza and Victoria Harbour. (Thanks to
Brenden Schonfelder on the T.D.U Facebook page)...Two things....about time
& why route 31?...A better option to me would be the plan that was
mentioned a while ago where the 75 was to be the full time Latrobe st
service where it would turn right from Harbour Esplanade into Latrobe st
instead of going to Footscray rd and terminate at St. Vincents Plaza,with
Kew to help out on the 12 getting surplus A Class from Southbank (the ones
from the 30 and up to half of the 12).Extra space is needed at Southbank
for more E Class when the 58 starts running from there.

Regards Tim Strait