Re: TMSV # 45
  Tony Galloway

Interesting sequence of photos of PCC 980, some have it with the original tension spring trolley bases and trolley wheels, while the others with MMTB compression spring bases and carbon skids. As these pics, except for the Bourke and Elizabeth Sts shot that's obviously a bit later, look like they were all taken around the same time, it has captured the changeover.

What I’m asking is, did 980 get its poles changed because it moved from working the 69 (out of Malvern depot?) to the Bourke St lines, or as part of the general wheel to skid conversion ?


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> That's it, I hope you enjoyed the photos. And once again an acknowledgement to Ron Scholten who took all these shots up to Kodak to copy to sell to the likes of me, not to mention the Ballarat, Bendigo, Adelaide, Brisbane stuff, and the black and white photos as well. We are all indebted to Ron.


> Stay safe everyone.


> David.


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