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  Roger Greenwood

Hi Phil,

The points that switched between straight-ahead for Glenorchy and left-turn for Springfield Rd were power-on/power-off type operated by the tram driver. The contactor that activated them is out of view in Hobart Photos 118 & 119 but was between the single-track to double-track points and the Glenorchy/Springfield turn-out.

I’m not sure of the function of the contactor visible in Hobart Photo – 118, but because the great majority of trams approaching this junction continued straight ahead for Glenorchy, perhaps the contactor is associated with automatic re-setting of the points to straight-ahead for that destination. The contactor may also have performed the same re-set function after a returning Springfield tram had left the points forced over for Springfield Rd.

There’s a small box on the pole right on the corner and this might be associated with the operation of what was basically a ‘set/reset’ function.

The foregoing is sprinkled with ‘not sure’, ‘may also’, ‘perhaps’, ‘might be’ & ‘may have’ and I’m afraid my reply is more conjecture than an assertion because I don’t have a definitive answer to your question.

The Glenorchy line & the Springfield branch line were the last tram services in Hobart to close. Three days after cessation there was a ceremonial ‘last tram trip’ on the Glenorchy line but this wasn’t a straightforward run. Power was already switched off at the City depot and the tram had to be pushed up Macquarie St and around into Elizabeth St by the tramways ‘blitz wagon’ to pick up power. And instead of going all the way to Glenorchy, it only went to the Springfield terminus. Perhaps the automatic points turner had also been switched off by then.

Roger Greenwood

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Thank you Roger, The location is clear for us, can you please explain the contactor in the overhead for us. What was it's function/purpose.

Cheers, Phil.

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116 turning from Springfield Road onto Main Road at Springfield.