TMSV # 45
  David Featherstone

That's it, I hope you enjoyed the photos. And once again an
acknowledgement to Ron Scholten who took all these shots up to Kodak to
copy to sell to the likes of me, not to mention the Ballarat, Bendigo,
Adelaide, Brisbane stuff, and the black and white photos as well. We are
all indebted to Ron.

Stay safe everyone.


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980 Bourke@Elizabeth TMSV  |  3124W x 2068H  | 797.1 KB |  
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999 Bourke@Swanston TMSV  |  2398W x 2206H  | 592.69 KB |  
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1003 NthFitzroyDepot 1970 TMSV  |  3022W x 2000H  | 631.42 KB |  
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1032+Bourke east of Elizabeth TMSV  |  3216W x 2125H  | 700.73 KB |  
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1033 BourkeSt east of QueenSt TMSV  |  3238W x 2136H  | 696.47 KB |