TMSV # 44
  David Featherstone

I don't think I've ever provided three shots to explain one shot.
My shot of 392 At Queensbridge St about to turn into KIngs Way at City Rd
under the King Street Bridge.
A couple of Rodney Hudson's of 399 showing her traversing the track under
the King Street Bridge.
And 980. She has just turned out of Queensbridge St into Kings Way and is
photographed next to the King Street Bridge works in Kings Way. Clear as


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392-15Jan1980 DavidFeatherstone  |  3015W x 2000H  | 709.78 KB |  
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399-01 WindsorPublications  |  3194W x 2114H  | 1009.96 KB |  
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399-02 WindsorPublications  |  3038W x 2028H  | 897.99 KB |  
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980-03 KingsWay looking across MoraySt just past CityRd 18Feb1961 TMSV  |  2946W x 1950H  | 643.64 KB |  
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980 Elizabeth into LaTrobe TMSV  |  3172W x 2000H  | 785.74 KB |